The Future
of Reputation

A distributed reputation protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the future of trust.

Verify works just like reputation in real-life:

Earn reputation over time by holding up your end of the bargain

Use your reputation to earn real perks like advance payment, credit and more!

Quantifiable, but also fair! Relies on feedback history and other signals.

Verify Payments

Introducing Verify Payments, the first application built on the Verify reputation protocol.

Buyers get 100% protection against:

  • Fraudulent sellers that don't fulfill orders
  • Low quality & non-genuine products
  • Low-quality or damaged items

Sellers get:

  • No chargebacks, ever
  • Lower transaction fees (1% vs 3%+ using credit cards)
  • Instant payouts in USD
  • Accept any major cryptocurrency (like BTC, ETH, etc.)

How it works

Verify Payments is the first "killer app" built on the Verify Reputation protocol.

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While eCommerce is booming across the Internet, cryptocurrencies today are still being used primarily for speculation.

Buyers are unprotected

Anyone that’s paid with cryptocurrencies before will tell you, once you’ve made the payment you can only hope that the seller delivers on their promise. If they don’t, well... tough luck.

Payments are irreversible

Payment is just the first step in the transaction. The seller still needs to ship the product to you, the buyer - and you need to verify that you received it, and are happy with it.

Buy with confidence

Never worry about whether you’ll receive your product, or whether the seller will agree to refund damaged products.

Pay in Crypto

Pay with any cryptocurrency you like and Verify automatically converts it into stablecoin to mitigate volatility risk.

Simple, secure checkout

No dealing with clunky private keys and 3rd party wallets, you can use the Verify wallet safely on any device.

Product Development Roadmap

Realizing our vision to catapult blockchain commerce forward

Message from the CEO

There are two ways to build a company: you either build for the short-term or the long-term. We're building Verify for the long term.

While this sounds great in the abstract, it's also the unpopular option. This is especially true in the crypto world, where everything moves at break-neck speeds, and mere seconds separate a profit from a loss.

By deciding to focus on the long-term, we forego short term hype that is all but meaningless for a company of our size, and focus on building the long-term value of the Verify network: by making something people want.

My role as the CEO is to apply the experience I've gathered from my previous ventures into growing a capable, revenue oriented long term company — one that solves pressing real-world problems today.

Here's to the long-term,

Yazin Alirhayim, CEO


What cryptocurrencies does Verify Payments accept?

Verify Payments accepts BTC, ETH and many other popular cryptocurrencies. We plan to support all popular currencies, and provide real-time conversion for those we don't immediately add.

Will CRED be listed on an exchange?

Yes, we will be listing CRED tokens on an exchange. At present, we are unable to post a guaranteed list of all exchanges we will partner with, but we do plan to list on at least one exchange within two weeks of the crowd sale close.

How is Verify different than …?

We get this question a lot — Paypal, credit cards, Monetha to Utrust. We've done an in-depth comparison with all these options and more on our Medium blog.

How can I follow project updates?

We post regular updates to our Community page. Subscribe to get all the latest news on the project.

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